Hear what people are crow'n about!

Amy R. from Monticello - "I purchased a Shampoo Bar from you, and love it!"

Diane S. from Circle Pines - "I purchased some of your Cherry Almond Body Silk yesterday and I am sooooo in love!! I wish I would have bought the big one! Thank you I am so happy I discovered you!!"

Alan W. from Mpls. sent this text from his Cabin on Cass Lake - "Last night when I lit the grill the mosquitoes were all over me.  I took a shower with your Bug OFF soap, enjoyed a cocktail, and later when I went out to cook, only had one mosquito fly by.  Great soap!"

Camille from Plymouth - "Your Massage Melts are better than any product I've tried in the past.  When I put it on my hands and feet at night I wake up to still feel the softness.  I'll be getting a refill!"

Brenda S. from Delano - "I couldn't wait to try the Cool Cucumber bar!  After a long day of working the Mama's Happy event I was eager to get home and soak in the tub.  It turned out to be a little slice of heaven!  Thank you!  I absolutely loved it.  I've been telling everyone."

Generously Handcut Bars!

Shampoo Bar- This soap is a blend of Rosemary and Mint essential oils.  Loads of lather will scrub your scalp and hair squeaky clean!  Finish with your favorite conditioner on your ends or try an Apple Cider rinse with 2 parts water to one part apple cider vinegar.  An overall lovely herbal scent ~ $6.00

Sweet Pea -  A pretty floral fragrance, light and airy just like the delicate flower.  

Oh Baby -  Wait until you smell this powdery goodness!  This soap will have you saying, "Oh Baby!", and it cleans like a dream.  $6.00 


Pumpkin Spice - Sold Out  Cool weather, falling leaves, pumpkin pie... This soap reminds us of fall!  A delicious scent to soak in the tub and then hydrate with a Pumpkin Spice Silk afterwards.  Keep one in the powder room, give one as a holiday hostess gift, the options are endless with this soap!  $6.00

Cowboy - Soap on a Rope - A light masculine scent with a hint of leather.... and a fun way to use your soap!  It conveniently hangs off your shower caddy protecting it from water puddles. To preserve your soap make sure there's not a leaky faucet overhead melting your bar.  Hand ground oats added to sooth your skin.   $6.00                                                   Or Try

City Slicker - Soap on a Rope - Same soap but with an urban upbeat scent, aquatic-floral blend....nice and manly!   $6.00


Irish Tweed - Bright and fresh, not overpowering.  $6.00

Honey Harvest - The light sweet scent of honey makes for an enjoyable shower.  We harvested this soap with a fun honeycomb detail!  $6.00

Vanilla Almond
 - Your shower will fill with the beautiful scent of rich almonds and sweet creamy vanilla while apricot powder brings exfoliates your skin to sublime softness!  $6.00

Cool Cucumber - 
Lovely summertime soap! The refreshing green scent of cucumber blends with refreshing spearmint to make this, well, a refreshing soap!  Enjoy! $6.00

Black Raspberry Vanilla- A beautiful soap that will have you wishing you got a back up!  Don't let the pretty lace scroll design on top make you think this soap is only for display! No, please use it so your skin can feel the benefits of handmade soap! $6.00

Rose Garden - The intoxicating fragrance of roses will transport you to an old fashion romantic garden!  Each bar detailed with tiny rosebuds!  $6.00

Bug Off! - It's mosquito season!  Shower with a pleasant blend of citronella and other essential oils to ward off those pesky skeeters!  Great before a ball game, campfire, dinner on the patio after a hard summers day work....

Makes a great Cabin Hostess Gift!   $6.00

Hawaiian Lei - A delicate blend of gardenia and plumeria, citrus and vanilla wisks you away to your favorite island.  This soap is topped with pretty gold mica swirl. $6.00

Lavender Meadow - The soothing fragrance of lavender will calm and relax you!

Topped with lavender buds.  $6.00 


Margarita - Sold Out

Wow, this smells delicious! This soap delivers with a bright limey fragrance.  


Double Mint -  An invigorating combination of Peppermint & Spearmint, sure to awaken your senses!  $6.00

Lavender & Lemongrass - This combo pairs beautifully and looks so pretty too!  $6.00


Cherry Almond - Most popular! A beautifully scented soap with Sweet Almond Oil added at the end of the blending process for extra skin softening properties. $6.00    

Ginger Lime - A delightful summertime fragrance...so delightful it just might be your year round favorite!  $6.00

Garden Guru - A Gardeners Soap.  Hand ground oats and fine pumice clean the dirtiest of worker hands with the unique fragrance of black dirt!  A scent only a gardener can appreciate!   $6.00

Scrubbies- The bag scrubs your skin and the soap peels cleanse.  A versatile little filler when creating a gift basket, needing stocking stuffers, etc...  $3.00

Fun tip: Leave a Scrubby or a bar of soap in your drawer as a sachet until you're ready to replenish your shower soap.

Beak Balm - Well if they did they'd sure be using Red Roosters moisturizing lip protector.  Hydrating ingredients keep you puckered up!   $3.50  

Honey Harvest ~ Cherry Pie ~ Thin Mint ~ Sassafras (Rootbeer) ~ Original (A blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus & Lavender) ~ Black Licorice ~ Strawberry Shortcake